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Genesis 1-11 Review, Part 1

From time to time I plan on posting what I'm preaching through.  We are currently going through the book of Genesis and begin chapter 12 this Sunday.  Genesis is a very important book that gives us a biblical foundation of who God is and who we are. I highly recommend preaching through this book or teaching through it in a Wednesday Night or Sunday School type format.  I have chosen to preach through it mainly chapter by chapter although sometimes I spend a couple of sermons on a specific chapter.  Anyway, the next two posts will be just a quick review of where we've been with Genesis 1-11. Each review is very brief, maybe too brief, but I rather not write a book for each chapter...

1.       Genesis 1: Creation

What a foundational chapter! Just from the very 1st verse we can know things about God like He is Sovereign, Omnipotent, All-Wise, Transcendent, etc.

We also learn that humanity is created. And that we are created in the image of God. (Gen. 1:27-28)

Good post by Challies on Why I Am a 6 Day Creationist.

2. Genesis 2: The 6th Day

Genesis 1 is a zoomed out approach of creation while Genesis 2 zooms in and hones in on God’s Immanence - that God is covenantal and has made Himself known to mankind. We see the name YHWH used. YHWH is One God in 3 persons as alluded to in Genesis 1.

We have a perfect set up. Man, Woman, and an environment where they will be able to carry out what God had commanded.  It is also important to note that Man and Woman's roles were established before Genesis 3!  Much more could be said here, but I'll leave it at that for now.

3. Genesis 3: The Fall

Big chapter isn’t it!? We see here that God is good, He is just, He is gracious. We also see that God’s plans to walk with a people who will worship Him is not thwarted. God's plane is Genesis 3:15.  We learn through progressive revelation that this Seed of the Woman is none other than God Himself, the 2nd Person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ our Lord.

We also see from Genesis 3 that mankind’s relationship with God prior to the Fall is no longer the same )(Genesis 3:23).  Mankind is no longer in fellowship with God.  We are born guilty of Adam's sin, and are therefore sinner's by nature and by choice (cf. Rom. 5:12).  All those apart from Christ are dead in their trespasses and sins because of what happened in Genesis 3. We ain't in Eden anymore Todo.

4. Genesis 4: Cain and Abel

We are reminded in Genesis 4 that God is faithful, despite the wickedness of man. We also see that because of the Fall our worship has been distorted. The condition of mankind will not improve on its own. There must be intervention by God if we are to see an improvement. The ultimate fulfillment of that intervention is JESUS!

So by chapter 4 we've already seen: CREATION – FALL – REDEMPTION: God pursuing sinners and sinners exercising faith in God’s promises. (And even some hints at CONSUMMATION).

It seems Adam exercised faith by naming his wife Eve. It seems Eve exercised faith in her comments about Seth, although the Bible is not explicit on Adam or Eve's faith like it is on Abel's in Hebrews 11.

5. Genesis 5: Line from Seth to Noah

In order for God to righteously fulfill His will of having His people, in His place, recognizing His rule (what Graeme Goldsworthy calls the Kingdom of God Motif) God will send His own Son, Jesus to be the Messiah. To be the 2nd Adam. He will live before God not in a Garden but in a wilderness. In a fallen world. And He will succeed where Adam failed. Furthermore, He will die on behalf of sinners bearing the wrath of God for our sin.

So, in Genesis 5 we see God’s faithfulness in continuing the line of the Seed of the Woman and we see that humanity is redeemable because God does the redeeming.

Genesis 5:23 is also crucial because it lets us know that God isn't just "getting people to heaven" but He is saving a people for Himself for a purpose: to be holy. 

That's enough to absorb for today! We'll cover 6-11 next post.

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