Thursday, June 29, 2017

Breakout Sessions for In Christ Alone Conference

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We are trying something new this year with breakout sessions! First, let me give you a run down on lunch: Like last year, we will have an hour and a half break for lunch. Unlike last year, we will have food served on site. This will be BBQ sandwich plates for $10/plate. It will be most convenient to eat on site, but you're free to go anywhere to eat, just be back in the allotted time!

Breakouts will begin right after lunch. I think we have a great lineup! We aren't requiring people to 'sign up' for breakouts, but I will be emailing registrants a couple weeks ahead of the conference to gauge interest so we can make sure to have the biggest rooms available for the biggest breakouts. Each attendee will only be able to go to one breakout! They will all be held at the same time from 2:00pm - 2:45pm. So, with that being said, here are our options:

1. Expository Preaching – David Miler

This is for those who regularly preach God's word or for those who feel a calling toward ministry. But it's also for those who regularly teach God's word (Say Sunday School teachers, youth ministers, children's workers) or those who regularly hear God's word taught or preached! Really anyone can take this breakout and benefit. Bro. David is a masterful expositor and has a God given passion for expository preaching. You will be blessed by this breakout.

2. The Absurdity of Unbelief: A Worldview Apologetic of the Christian Faith – Jeffrey Johnson

Pastor Jeff Johnson, of Grace Bible Church in Conway, AR, is a gifted writer and preacher. This breakout will be an apologetics class on why only the Christian worldview is rational. Dr. Johnson is very familiar not only with the Christian perspective but also the other side, which manifests itself in a variety of futile worldviews such as naturalism, existentialism, post-modernism, Non-Trinitarian Religions, et al. So, this breakout will help sharpen you in the Christian faith as well as help you be able to understand the presuppositions of some of the people you interact with every day. The banker, the grocer, your professor, or even a family member.

3. Hebrew Scrolls Exhibit – Brian Rickett 

We will feature six Hebrew Scrolls and other artifacts at the conference. Professor Rickett will discuss their importance and significance. This is a fascinating piece of the history of God's people and Professor Rickett has a heart for the Word of God as you will be able to ascertain if you choose this breakout.

4. How does Jesus Speak Today?: The Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture – Gabriel Hughes 

You want to hear God's voice? Read the bible! Pastor Gabe will discuss why the Bible is authoritative and sufficient for the Christian life. Authoritative because it is the very word of God! This doesn't man we don't have other authorities in our life, but it does mean that the Bible is our highest authority. Also, the Bible is sufficient for knowing God and doing his will. You might be surprised at how often conservative churches move away from these foundational truths. You might even be surprised at how often you move away from these truths without realizing it! So, join Pastor Gabe as he deals with a much-needed subject for churches today.

5. Digesting the Word of Christ: Strategies for Healthy Bible Intake – Eddie Ragsdale 

Pastor Eddie Ragsdale of First Baptist Marshall, AR,  will be taking his attendees through a 'workshop' of biblical intensity! Learn how to saturate yourself in the word of God. Learn how to read, know, understand, and apply God's word better in your daily life. This is for those who teach the Bible as well as for those who just want to learn it better. If you're looking for a breakout where you can sit in the back and scroll through Twitter, this isn't for you! This will be a hands-on time of diving in God's word together.

6. Christ-Centered Worship: Zeb Balentine 

Zeb is the worship minister at First Baptist Church of Clarksville, AR and the founder of Vital Worship, a ministry for helping churches develop a healthy worship culture. This breakout is for musicians and worship leaders, but also for anyone who loves to worship Christ! Dr. Balentine will be discussing the history of Christ-centered worship as well as the elements of it, and some of the stumbling blocks to Christ-centered worship to watch out for in your church and personal life.

7. Taking Christ to the Nations: The Vison and Strategy of International Church Planters – Dylan Anderson

If you've never heard of Internation Church Planters, you have a wonderful opportunity at this conference! Not only will they have a booth for you to receive more information, but Dylan will also be leading a breakout session to tell you more about them, their vision, and how you can be involved. Having a conference on Jesus wouldn't be complete unless we talked about tangible ways to get Christ to the Nations. This breakout session serves that purpose. 

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