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In Christ Alone Conference - August 26, 2017 FBC Perryville

We are excited to announce this year's FREE one day Bible conference! The conference is produced and funded by the Conway/Perry Baptist Association, a fellowship of cooperating Southern Baptist Churches in Central Arkansas affiliated with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

If your questions about the conference are not answered below, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. Also, be sure and 'Like' our Facebook page! (Also a good way to keep up to date).

Here are the details about the conference:

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! (We do not require registration, but registering by August 21st increases your chances at some conference giveaways!). We'll also do a book giveaway for those registered by July 1st and again for those regesitered by August 1st.

Date: August 26, 2017

Time: 10am - 4:00pm (Doors will open at 9am for coffee/donuts, bookstore, and exhibits)

Location: (NEW PLACE THIS YEAR!) First Baptist Perryville, AR. Perryville is about 45 minutes NW of Little Rock, 35 minutes west of Conway, and 15 minutes south of exit 108 on I-40 at Morrilton. CLICK HERE for MapQuest. 

Who is this for?: This conference is for all who love Christ! It's not merely a pastor or leadership conference but one that will benefit the whole body of Christ. Furthermore, since it will be so focused on Jesus, it'd be a good conference to bring your lost friends to! If you are within reasonable driving distance of central Arkansas, you should make plans to join us. What better way to spend a hot August day than to be inside an air-conditioned building, with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, learning more about Jesus?


We live in an age of religious pluralism. An age in which the only wrong idea is to say your way is the only way. Christianity, therefore, is being increasingly marginalized in our society. Either that or some are compromising the truth of Christianity in such a way that it is no longer biblical Christianity. The true message of Christianity has always been this: Salvation is found in Christ alone. The eternal Son is not one of many ways to God, rather Jesus is the only way. In Christ alone is our hope. Christ alone is our only suitable and all-sufficient Savior. This was a doctrine preached by Jesus and the Apostles. It was also a truth recovered 500 years ago during the Protestant Reformation in one of the 5 Solas, 'Solus Christus'. We do not find forgiveness of sins in our works or the efforts of men, but only in the atoning work of Christ our Lord. The conference this year will feature messages and breakout sessions focused on Christ, His work, and sharing this message with others. Plenary sessions will cover the atonement, Christ in the Old Testament, and other core truths about the person and work of our God and Savior. Breakout sessions are something new this year but will cover several topics. You can view breakout sessions here.


David Miller is an Arkansas Native and prefers the title 'Country Preacher at large.' He has been involved in Southern Baptist life around the state of Arkansas and nationally for decades and speaks regularly at conferences big and small. Bro. David, an active member of Tumbling Shoals Baptist Church, is also the president and founder of Line upon Line Ministries in Heber Springs AR. Bro. David suffers from a degenerative muscular disease called peroneal muscular atrophy, however, he remains one of the most powerful preachers today – from his wheelchair. It has been said about David Miller that although he is forced to sit down in his wheelchair to preach these days, he still stands head and shoulders above most preachers in our present day. He is a great brother in Christ and we are blessed to have him join us!

R. Brian Rickett is the founding Pastor-Teacher of the Bible Church of Beebe, AR. His ministry objectives are to faithfully fulfill the goals given to the New Testament minister in Scripture and to be utilized by Christ in the expansion of His Kingdom. In addition to serving as the Pastor-Teacher of the Bible Church Beebe, Brian is Campus Administrator and Professor of Biblical Studies for the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary’s Arkansas campus. Brian has served in various church planting and pastoral roles in Arkansas and California since 1993 and has taught in a variety of church and academic environments.

Gabriel Hughes was saved at a very young age and has always had a passion for the word of God, helping others understand the Scriptures in their proper context. He started preaching in the pulpit at age 17, and is the current pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Junction City, KS. He's the voice and creator of When We Understand the Text, an online video ministry viewed by thousands each day worldwide. He also hosts a daily podcast providing 20 minutes of Bible teaching each day. He is also the author of the book 40 of the Most Popular Bible Verses (and What They Really Mean) which is available on the WWUTT store page in both paperback and Kindle formats. 

We are blessed to have these three brothers to share the Word with us during our main plenary sessions. In addition to these three speakers, the conference will feature other faithful men from around the state of Arkansas teaching during our breakout sessions.


It is our vision to keep this conference completely free to those attending. We have a great set of speakers lined up this year and we also plan on doing some giveaways. The only thing you will be responsible for is your lunch. We are also privileged once again this year to have Grace & Truth Books with us. You'll definitely want to bring some money with you for the bookstore! But everything else is free. Remember, the conference runs from 10am - 4pm (with a break for lunch) and doors will open at 9am. You don't have to register, but it helps us if you do! You can register by clicking here.

If you'd like to help promote the conference you can request a flyer for your church via the contact form by clicking here.

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