Monday, February 9, 2015

Blessed are Those Who Mourn

6 Things Gospel Mourning Entails:

1. It is intense

In the previous blog we discussed that being poor in spirit means:

We can’t be full of self. We acknowledge our guilt and corruption.
We acknowledge our bankruptcy. We are humble.

It is one thing to agree with those, or verbalize mental ascent, yes I concur. I confess. But it is quite another to be broken over it. There is a natural flow of mourning out of those who are poor in spirit. This mourning for your own sins should be intense. (This is the same word James uses in James 4:8-10)

2. Recognizes Culpability in the Cross – 

This is why Jesus went to the Tree. Because your sin put Him there.

Gospel Mourning realizes, Jesus didn’t just endure suffering for sin in general, but MY sin. MY sin subjected Him to the wrath of God. MY sin nailed Him to the Cross. I smote Him with the Cat-O-Nine tails. I shouted “CRUCIFY HIM!”

3. Gospel Mourning mourns particular sins

Not just ‘forgive me of my many sins’ but “Oh God, forgive me for my failure to control my tongue…that angry thought…that selfish deed.”

4. Doesn’t seek to defend or explain sin –  “True repentance makes no excuses and offers no rationalizations. It grieves for sin from a broken heart.” -Charles Quarles

Well the REASON I did this was…. If it weren’t for that person I wouldn’t have…. 

No. I am guilty. I am broken. I am undone. I mourn.

5. Turns from Sin and Hates Sin - Cain, Esau, Pharaoh, Judas – all of these men offered a semblance of repentance.

Is saying ‘I’m sorry’, & shedding tears, & even actually feeling sorrow, is that enough? Is that true gospel mourning?

See 2 Cor. 7:10 – Have you been stricken with godly grief? Not “I don’t want to go to hell” or “people will think less of me because of that sin." But struck with a hatred of sin and a turning from it? Have you seen sin as offensive because it is an affront to GOD is HOLY & WORTHY? Have you seen God’s definition of Sin, not your own?

Blessed are those who mourn! Who mourn their own sin. Who hate it. Who are broken by it.

6. Gospel mourning is a continual mourning – Blessed are those who mourn (present tense)

We aren’t just talking about the moment you 'got saved'. In a very real sense the more we grow, the more we mourn BECAUSE we see the depth of our sinfulness. As a babe in Christ we may believe sin is just those things out here that we shouldn’t do. But as we grow in the Lord we realize, the need for continued repentance and the continued grace of God.

When is the last time you mourned like this over your sin? Have you ever mourned like this over your sin? Do you realize that this type of mourning is evidence of those who’ve been changed by grace?

And let us not forget the promise of Jesus: Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. But you'll have to listen to the sermon to hear that part! You can do so by clicking HERE.

“There must be a real sense of sin before the remedy for it will even be desired…The Gospel promises no mercy except to those who forsake sin and close with Christ.” A.W. Pink

Reminder: These are simply notes directly from the sermon which was preached at Immanuel Baptist Church on February 8, 2015.  You can see the previous blog on the poor in spirit by clicking HERE.

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