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Sermon Outline: Kingdom Focused Faith, Matthew 6:25-34

WARNING! - Some of this might not make sense because of various abbreviations, etc. I don't recommend everyone doing their preaching notes like this. I just copied and pasted this from word and tried to clean up a few things but basically left it as is.

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Ok, you've been warned. Here are sermon notes from Matthew 6:25-34 below:


Bobby McFerrin had a little song he wrote, in which he said we might want to sing it note for note:

Don’t Worry Be Happy

It’s a catchy tune. Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

But, as catchy as it is, it lacks any gravitas. It’s got no foundation to support it. The gist is “Hey, we all have troubles sometimes, things will pass, just be happy.” Ok. So how does that work with say Job? “Hey Job, all your children are dead, your cattle are destroyed, your wife tells you curse God and die, and your friends have rejected you…but

Don’t worry be Happy!

Or hey, we get a call that a missile is on its way to Clinton right now. What should we do? Don’t Worry. Be Happy! There’s really no substance there in that command is there? At the end of the day it’s found wanting! It’s not enough to actually sustain us in times of difficulty.

But the Christian worldview offers something much better. Would you turn to Matthew 6? Jesus tells His follower to not worry. However, He argues for us in a logical way and asks us to trust His promises and the goodness of our Heavenly Father.

For the Believer to not worry isn’t baseless at all. It’s what it means to have a Kingdom Focused Faith.So, this is what we want to explore today as we digest Matthew 6:25-34

Kingdom Focused Faith                         Mt. 6:25-34                             January 24, 2016 am

Theme: A Believer’s life is characterized by lack of anxiety toward earthly needs & a pursuit of God. OR:
Saving faith spurns fretfulness & seeks the Father

SotM deal w/ not just ‘outward bx but inward thoughts/motivations/attitudes of the heart!

We have some work to do before we get into our text today b/c of one little word (LOOK W/ ME): v.25a therefore

We can’t forget the context. Essentially, Jesus has just finished telling us of:
1)Two Treasures (v.19-21)     2)Two Views (v.22-23)     3)Two Masters (v.24)

We might call the section we are in now ‘Two Dispositions’. But I want to make the point that everything lines up.

You have to place your life in one column or the other. Either you long for earthly treasure, see the world in a materialistic way, serve the god of money, and are anxious about the cares of this world


You long for heavenly treasure, see the world through Christ’s eyes, serve Jesus, and trust the Father
This isn’t the buffet line at the Chinese restaurant where you get to pick and choose. Where are you at?

So, Jesus says, since BELIEVERS store up treasure in heaven, see the world with a healthy eye, and are serving God as their master…v.25a
Now, before we get into the outline let’s just observe this text again and I want to point out to you the commands and promises contained therein. And of course we will examine them more as we move through the message: v.25-34

1.       Don’t Be Anxious (3x – 25, 31, 33)
2.       Look at the birds of the air (26)
3.       Consider the lilies of the field (v.28)
4.       Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness (v.33)

These are all commands. As Believers our King has commanded these things of us. Who do we serve?

1.       Anxiety can’t add time our life (v.27)
2.       We are of more value than the animals God takes care of (v.26)
3.       God knows our needs (v.32)
4.       God will provide for our needs (v.33)

So, a cursory look at the text reveals to us that anxiety at it’s basic level is a sin because it is disobedient to God’s command and a lack of trust in God’s promises…

This word translated ‘anxiety’ is used 6x in these 10 verses! What does it mean?

to have an anxious concern, based on apprehension about possible danger or misfortune

It doesn’t mean be lazy as we’ll see. So, what then is the big deal about worry? Let’s look at 6 things:

I.                    To NOT worry is a Precept – (command) v.25

Jesus actually commands us 3x in this passage to not be anxious.
Isn’t our savior good? Doesn’t He know just what we need? It’s almost like He understands that anxiety can be a real issue for us can’t it?
Even though we have His Word, even though we have His promises, even though we have seen His faithfulness, we are still prone to the sin of fretfulness aren’t we?
We need little Lucy up here every week singing ‘Fret Not’ don’t we?
But Jesus has actually given us something better in the fact that He’s commanding His followers to not be anxious.
See, there is a direct correlation between anxiety, and faithlessness: v.30

So, Jesus commands us to not worry. Of course, He’s not asking us to be irrational is He? This isn’t some arbitrary command is it? He’s not saying “Hey, don’t eat yellow jellybeans on Tuesdays.” “Why Jesus?” “B/c I said so!”

No, this isn’t like that at all. In fact, the very Author of Life asks us this question: v.27

It’s like if you were playing the game Monopoly and you are like super worried about landing on the utility spaces, and the make of the game comes and says “Hey, uh, you know this game is about more than just paying the measly amount for landing on the utility spaces right?”

Wldn’t we say that the very Author of Life knows what life is really a/b?

Christ says to us “I am the King and I am what life is about”. Too many are so worried about living that they never experience LIFE.

II.                  To Worry is Powerless – v.27

This is actually true even from a secular standpoint.

I grew up traveling the U.S. w/ my family b/c my dad was a bullfighter. I remember one time distinctly when we were in Kansas, I was probably around 8 or 9, and there was a tornado warning. We were all huddled in this gym, and I was super worried.

But I remember my dad, who wasn’t a Christian at the time, and he was like ‘Cuatro, what can you do about this? What can worrying about this tornado do? Will it make it go away?’

Well, there is truth in that. V.27

There are many lost people who show great courage in trying situations. This ought to convict us who are Believers! To worry is powerless.
What will anxiety do about the situation you are in other than simply waste your time and cause you to sin against our heavenly Father?

Stonewall Jackson Quote - “Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me....That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.”

III.                To NOT Worry is to trust God’s Providence – v.26-28

Now, I want to be clear about something: To NOT worry doesn’t mean we are lazy or careless does it?Two things to think about:
1. Jesus just got through telling us to ask for daily bread: v.11
So, Kingdom Faith isn’t carelessness is it?  Like “Ah, God’s in control I won’t wear my seatbelt today.”We ask for daily bread in faith that God will provide it as we need it. And think about this: We aren’t asking for tomorrow’s bread yet are we? V.34
But the point is, Jesus isn’t instructing us to have a frivolous attitude here. I mean I think a lot Christians sort of think like “Well, if it works out, it works out.”

But, I’m not sure that’s the faith discussed in the SotM. The faith in the SotM is not a passive faith but an active one. We do care that we eat! And we do care to provide for our family and to contribute to society! But we are called to trust in a God who works all things for God for those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose….
2. Think about the birds – v.26 (God’s testimony in General Rev.!)
Birds aren’t lazy are they? Birds don’t sit around and think “Well, I wonder if God will feed me today?”What do they do? They go out and they search for food and they work as hard as a little bird can work.So are they working or is God providing? The answer is yes!
Now, we want to be very clear that God is their provider, but He is providing through the means of their working isn’t He?The Heavenly Father feeds the birds and the Heavenly Father clothes the flowers. He is in control of all things, and not just control of all things:
He is active in His creation working in it to bring about His good purposes. And so, to not worry is to trust God’s providence.It’s to seek Him for our needs, and to not be lazy about the work we are to do, but driving these things is a faith in His providential care.

IV.                To Worry is Pagan (v.32) We were made for God.

God has ransomed us in Christ. The greatest need you or I have is not food or clothing, it’s that we stand justly condemned before God because of our sin.

But guess what? The gospel says Christ has dealt with that need on the cross by taking God’s wrath that stood against us, on Himself.

Now, Christ is teaching us throughout the SotM that the King has come and with Him, His Kingdom. And those who are in His Kingdom live differently than those outside His Kingdom.
v.32a – The Gentiles represent those who are outside of Christ. Those who don’t trust Him. Those who haven’t come to Christ in faith.
The word ‘seek’ carries the connotation of ‘desire’. The Unbeliever’s desire is food, drink, clothing…
But aren’t these natural desires? Of course! But unbeliever’s seek after these things, their life is consumed with these things, b/c they reject the God who made them. And I believe we can extend the application further:
v.25b (Jesus’ question): Isn’t life more than food or clothing?
Ø  Did you know life is more than college as well?
Ø  Did you know life is more than a job?
Ø  Did you know life is more than power or popularity?
Ø  Did you know life is more than marriage?
Ø  Did you know life is more than children or grandchildren?
Ø  Did you know life is more than family?
Ø  Did you know life is more than retirement?
Ø  Did you know life is more than money?

It’s not that all of these desires are bad. It’s that Unbelievers make the sum of life those things and it’s that Unbelievers make these thing their chief desire

The point is like last week, as Believers we have a whole new perspective. We aren’t just living. We have life! We are living in Christ’s Kingdom, trusting His provision. This leads me to my next point:

V.                  To NOT Worry is a Priority – v.33

What is the priority of a Believer’s life? Jesus doesn’t just suggest what it ought to be, He commands what it is: v.33a first
Again, this is an active participation on our part. Believer’s actively seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
Anxiety reveals our treasure. Anxiety reveals our priority. You can only be seeking one thing first. There can’t be two first things in your life.
The entire SotM is a/b the Kingdom isn’t it? We’ve entitled the whole series Kingdom Living.
Christian, I know something about you that you may not even know yourself. I know God’s will for your life! I know exactly what God wants you to do with your life!...”Well, what is it!?” -> v.33a
Seek God’s rule and reign over your life. Seek to submit yourself even further to His Lordship. Resign yourself wholly to Him in all things.
Live, and work, and play, and laugh, and weep, and eat, and drink, and be clothed in such a way that you show God’s rule over your life
 Seek God’s rule and reign over the lives of others. Ah man, pray for that! I was praying this week: God set up your Kingdom right here in Clinton! Let’s see this town and community joyfully living under God’s reign
So, that means we’ve got to talk about Jesus and His Kingdom don’t we?
That may be uncomfortable in our culture but we want to see His Kingdom expand don’t we?
v.33a – and His righteousness - This is reminiscent of 5:6
Believers are justified by faith alone. Through faith God imputes the righteousness of Christ to us. Just like He clothes the lilies of the field with beauty, for those who come to Christ in faith, He clothes them in the perfect righteousness of Jesus.
For those clothed in the righteousness of Jesus we actually seek for our ways to be righteous. IOW, we actually strive for holiness. (Heb 12:14 quote)
To worry is a wrong priority. We are to seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. And what’s the promise? V.33 (God will provide what we need – maybe not always what we want, but we can trust Him right?)
I wonder what you are doing to tangible seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Right now answer that in your mind: What am I doing to seek the KofG and His righteousness?
Here’s the thing. I think a lot of us have more anxiety about the body than we do the soul.
We need to do a better job at showing people we ought to care for our souls.
I mean, if we aren’t seeking the KofG and His righteousness, how are we diff than unbelievers? And if we aren’t diff than unbelievers, why do we think we have any hope of heaven?
B/c we say prayed the sinners prayer and now we are automatically Christians? Look, if you are saved, you’re saved, but do you know one way to know that your saved? This is your priority: v.33a
U don’t just say it’s ur priority. You don’t just know it ought to be ur priority… No, it actually is your priority to seek first the KofG and His righteousness.
So, what thought have you given of your soul lately? Are you seeking the KofG and His righteousness this morning?

VI.                To Worry is to distrust God’s Promisesv.34
Do you believe this? Do you believe all the promises we’ve discussed today?
Anxiety is the antithesis of faith. To worry is to distrust these promises we’ve discussed today.
“No, no, I do believe these promises, I just get worried sometimes.”
Let me push back on that. When we find ourselves in this state of sinful anxiety, we are by definition NOT trusting God’s good promises!
Jesus promises trouble doesn’t He? V.34
There is going to be trouble. There is going to be tough situations. But as Believers, Jesus calls us to have Kingdom Faith.
Ø  Faith that if our Heavenly Father has provided our greatest need in Christ with the forgiveness of sins that He is willing and able to provide for these other needs
Ø  Faith that our Heavenly Father cares for us and that our lives actually have meaning and value in His Kingdom
Ø  Faith that our priority really should be seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness
Let me also make a plug here for the reason we must be in the word daily. In Scripture is where our doubting hearts are constantly reminded of God’s goodness and His gospel promises for us!
You can say all you want, but if you are not in the Bible daily, you heart is being primed to distrust God all the more…

Let me conclude in this way:
Don’t waste your life on just living. Life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. Kingdom Living is not just to live here like the world does and then die and go to heaven. Kingdom Living is seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness!
Let’s do this corporately (discuss)

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