Thursday, May 26, 2016

7 Suggestions to use the Internet for Your Christian Growth

We all know the Internet can be a giant waste of time.  What I want to do today is just offer one suggestion from 7 'internet streams' commonly used by even the least technologically savvy (thinking of you Eddie!). Probably most people reading this have a Smartphone in which they can access each of these suggestions. But even if you don't, you'll find you can still benefit from each of the suggestion below on your computer (except maybe the ESV Bible app). A couple of times you'll notice I do cheat and add one extra suggestion! But my goal was to do one per source...oh well!

The requirement for each one of the suggestions below is that it be accessible to the common person while also providing a great benefit to your Christian growth. So, for example, I'm a huge fan of James White with Alpha and Omega ministries and am a regular listener to the Dividing Line. But, the average person may not be able to commit 90 minutes a week listening to his podcast (but if you can, do it here!). If you are not regularly accessing any of the things below, try some of them out. I think you will find them beneficial to your walk with the Lord.

Here we go:

This certainly should not be seen as an 'infallible' source, but I have found it to be both helpful and reliable. It can be used for questions you have about the Bible or the Christian faith, or if someone asks you a tough question that you don't know the answer to. It's just one tool to have in your arsenal. (A similar suggestion with more of an apologetics bent would be: CARM


WWUTT videos
WWUTT stands for 'When we understand the text.' Pastor Gabe Hughes posts 90-second videos on commonly misused bible passages, showing us their proper context and how they should be rightly applied. You've probably got 90 seconds to go watch one right now!


If you only followed one person on Twitter you could still get a wealth of information if that one person you followed was Tim Challies. Each day Challies posts an 'A La Carte' in which he points his followers to great kindle deals, Christian blogs, and other interesting news and articles floating around the internet.


ESV Bible
If you don't have the Bible on your phone, fix that now! This app can also read the text to you (it's actually narrated, not a 'robot' voice). Also, it will access the ESV Study Bible or ESV Gospel Transformation Bible if you have either one of those in hardcopy, or you can buy the digital acces seven if you don't have the hardcopy. Seriously, have the Bible wherever you go. And have a good app for it like this one! I listen to the bible while mowing, or even just walking for exercise. A great way to 'double up' on your time.  
Solid Joys
If you like devotionals, this is a good one to have on your phone by John Piper. Daily thoughts that will take you all of 2 minutes to read.


The Briefing
I don't know of a better podcast that you need to listen to daily. It's about 20 minutes long. Listen to it on your way to work! Dr. Mohler gives "a daily analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview." Get an update on big headlines and things you didn't even know were going on from a solidly conservative Christian perspective.  
5 Minutes in Church History
I add this here because it's literally only 5 minutes, and it's only a once a week podcast. You definitely have an extra 5 minutes to spend listening to Dr. Nichols "take a little break from the present and go exploring the past." Most Christians could stand to brush up on their church history a little!


Ligonier Ministries
Go like this Page to see great quotes, blog posts, and podcasts pop up in your newsfeed.  
Like this Page to see videos and articles that attack secular thinking on a variety of issues.


Christian Communicators Worldwide
This isn't technically a 'blog' but it does provide you with great articles relevant to the church today. You can even find suggestions for how to read the Bible more effectively, and can even print articles off that are already formatted to fit inside a church bulletin. If you're not familiar with this ministry, go check it out. 

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