Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hear what the Spirit says to the Churches

Jesus says specific things to each of the 7 churches in the book of Revelation. But there is one phrase He says to all 7:

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches..." (2:7, 11, 17, 29, 3:6, 13, 22)

In the immediate context these churches were charged to hear what Jesus was specifically telling them through His angel. But I think there is a broader context applicable to us this Lord's Day. 

As a gathered Body ever Sunday, we are still charged to hearHe who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. No, Jesus hasn't sent us a personal angel to deliver a message for us. We actually have something even more sure: the completed canon of Scripture. 

See, the Spirit has spoken and is still speaking to the churches and He is doing so through Scripture. This is why we must be Word centered on Sunday mornings: singing the Word, praying the Word, and preaching the Word. It is through the Word that the Spirit speaks. You don't have to worry whether or not your pastor will get a 'word from the Lord' this morning. He already has one! He has the Bible. 66 Books, 1,189 chapters, and 31,102 verses. Each one breathed out by God down to the very last jot and tittle. This is one reason why it's so foolish to listen to someone who won't preach the Bible. There is plenty in there that God has for us! 

As we listen to Scripture rightly taught this morning we are listening to what the Spirit says to the churches. In Revelation, Jesus gives so many good promises to those who will hear and respond obediently. Don't you want to be in that camp? It starts by hearing. This is anot reason regular and habitual gathering with the local body (i.e. going to churc!) is so essential. 

You still have time to get ready this morning and go. To go and hear. To go and hear what the Spirit has to say to you and your church this morning.

If your Pastor is rightly handling the Word, the question isn't "is the Spirit speaking this morning?" The question is:

Do you have ears to hear?  

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