Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Giveaway Haul for Why the Local Church Still Matters Conference

So grateful for the response that we've had thus for our 1 day free conference at Perryville Second Baptist Church coming up on August 27, 2016. There are many great reasons to come visit us in Perryville for our conference, but one of those reasons definitely has to be the great lineup of giveaways. Thanks to some generous contributions we have several great things to help equip pastors and laypersons with resources that will help build healthy churches. After all, that is our goal. The local church still matters!. Here are some examples:

Everyone will receive a free ebook of The Church by Mark Dever and/or Don't Fire Your Church Members: The Case for Congregationalism by Jonathan Leeman. 

Everyone will receive their choice of some great Chapel Library Material. Examples include Soul Winning by Charles Spurgeon and Public Worship by J.C. Ryle, as well as some other great titles.

Most everyone will receive a free copy of Jeffrey Johnson's book The Church: Why Bother? These are limited. Either preregister or come early to secure your copy.

Everyone will have the opportunity to buy some great books from Grace and Truth Books. We will also be selling limited copies of The Vine Project for just $5 each!


In addition to all the stuff we are giving away to everyone, we will also be having a great list of giveaways that anyone can sign up for as you whenever you arrive at the conference 8/27. These giveaways include:

A Guide to Church Revitalization, edited by R. Albert Mohler (4 copies)

Biblical Church Revitalization by Brian Croft (BRAND NEW RELEASE! - 3 copies)

Baptist Foundations: Church Government for an anti-institutional age edited by Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman (3 copies)

The Trellis and the Vine by Colin Marshal and Tony Payne (10 Copies)

One to One Bible Reading by David Helm (10 copies)

The Book of Books: A short guide to reading the Bible by Geoff Robson (8 copies)

Six Steps to Loving Your Church. A DVD series from Mathias Media with workbooks (10 copies)

3 Book Prize Pack: Evangelism by Mack Stiles, Visit the Sick by Brian Croft, and What is the Mission of the Church? by Kevin Deyoung and Greg Gilbert (1 prize pack)

There will also be drawings for over 30 small group bible studies!

Other Giveaways:

20+ copies of Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman

3 copies of Church Discipline by Jonathan Leeman

I'm sure there are a few things I haven't mentioned as well as a few things that will be added as we move closer to 8/27! If you've been sitting on the fence about coming or if you've wondered whether or not you should give up a Saturday to join us, I hope this has helped persuade you a little. Come be a part of a great day in the Lord together as we take a stand of the importance of the local church.

See you there!

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