Friday, April 22, 2016

Too Heavenly Minded?

The following quote comes from the book Passion Cry by Robbie Symons (a Canadian eh!). Thanks to the organizers of Band of Bloggers at Together for the Gospel for this free book...

"It has been said that those who are heavenly minded are of no earthly good. I don't think I could disagree more. Heavenly mindedness is an aspect of the Christian life that brings true identity to the soul. I am resolved in my thinking that those who consider most the reality of their heavenly future will have the greatest impact upon the world in the present. It is the compelling call of heaven that frees us from the whispered idolatry of the world. It is the anticipation of heaven that allows us to see today with true eternal vision, and it is the reality of heaven that causes us to live out our true identity and citizenship (Phil. 3:20)...A child of God's view on life is oh so glorious. Our identity is not found in this world; our identity is found with Christ, and therefore with Him in heaven." (pp. 51-52)

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