Friday, June 10, 2016

T-Shirt Giveaway

As part of our Change and the Church: Why the Local Church Still Matters conference on August 27, 2016 we are having a Q&A panel.

In an effort to start gathering some questions for this panel, we want to give away t-shirts to the first 5 people who submit a question! You can submit a question here. But here are the rules:

1. Only one shirt per family! We'd love for you to submit several questions. But we will only giveaway one t-shirt per family.

2. It must be a 'real' question about the local church (doctrinally or practically). I'm excited about those on the panel, so ask a good question!

3. On the form you must put your email address and preferred t-shirt size. Please note, it is possible we might not have your size as we have a very limited number of shirts! If we don't have your size, I can give you what we have and you can give it to someone else. You can submit the question anonymously but if you do, I won't know who to contact about the shirt! So, please put your email on the form if you want a shirt.

4. You don't get the t-shirt until you show up on 8/27/16!

So, what does the shirt look like? It's from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It will look just like the one below except it will have the state of Arkansas on it instead of the state of Missouri. So, what are you waiting for? Better go submit a question!

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