Thursday, September 15, 2016

The King's Golden Scepter

Esther's only hope for her life and favor with the King of Persia was if he extended to her the golden scepter which signaled her acceptance into his presence. If you know the story then you know Esther won favor in the king's sight and he did extend the scepter (Esther 5:2). 

I submit to you that a thrice Holy God is unapproachable by unworthy sinners such as ourselves. Our just due is to be in the agony of hell for all eternity for our rebellion against Him. 

And yet, the King has extended the golden scepter. God has made terms of peace for all who will lay hold of this scepter. This scepter is not a mere golden staff, but the Shepherd! It is Christ. God has extended mercy in Christ for all those who will trust His finished work on Calvary by faith. Jesus is our only suitable and all sufficient savior. By laying hold of His person and work by faith, we can be assured we have favor with God and may freely and joyfully enter His presence. Though we are sinners, Christ has taken our burden on Himself and paid our sin debt on the cross. His resurrection secured our redemption and guarantees He will receive the full reward for His suffering. Those who believe on Him will rise again with Him!

Will you lay hold of the King's golden scepter? Will you trust this gospel? Will you repent of your sin and cling to Jesus by faith?

Believer, will you rejoice in the presence of God this day? The golden scepter has been extended! By grace alone you have favor with God! Live as a child of King Jesus today...

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